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Waste Forum

What is the purpose of this Clayton and Dingley Waste Forum?

To foster collaboration between the community, industry, Kingston Council and EPA to ensure community concerns and aspirations form part of the decision making process.

Kingston Council commits to:

  • Seeking input from the community as to the long-term uses for the Clayton industrial sites.
  • Consulting in the decision making process, listen and provide feedback on how the community input has influenced decisions.
  • Recognising the welfare of the wider community and the environment.

Industry commits to:

  • Listening to community concerns and keeping them informed of operational activities.
  • Providing regular updates and reporting back on actions taken to minimise odour, noise and dust.
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance and environmental management of each site.

EPA commits to:

  • Monitoring regulatory compliance and keeping the community informed of actions taken.
  • Providing as much information as possible to the community, to enable their understanding of the issues confronting the Clayton industrial sites.
  • Look for opportunities to work with the community and seek their input on decisions that EPA
    must make in relation to the appropriate regulation and remediation of the industrial sites.

Community members commit to:

  • Reporting to the broader community on decisions, activities and progress achieved.
  • Providing input into the planning to achieve objectives and environmental outcomes consistent with community aspirations.
  • Acting as an intermediary for community concern or comment.

We work together in a manner that fosters trust, honesty, communication and a maturity of relationship:

In order to do this we:
– Focus on the future, while being informed by learning from the past.

– Provide information in a timely way to promote understanding, and we use this information with integrity.

– Disagree respectfully – we focus on the issues, not the person.

– Don’t make assumptions – we listen for the intent in what is being said before drawing

– Don’t interrupt others.

– Focus on facts rather than hearsay/assumptions.

– Keep comments short and focussed – we try not to repeat what has already been said.

– Listen to others – no side conversations.

– We make space for everyone to contribute.