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EPA Victoria

About EPA Victoria

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA Victoria) is an independent statutory authority established under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act).

EPA Victoria’s role it is to protect Victoria’s environment by regulating air, land and water pollution as well as industrial noise and odour. It does this by setting environmental standards, regulating against these and working with organisations to meet these standards and to go beyond.

As part of its role, EPA Victoria is responsible for setting environmental objectives, standards and best-practice measures for landfill operators to ensure the community is protected against any adverse impacts.

What is EPA Victoria doing to address odour pollution and dust in Clayton and Dingley?

Odour pollution and dust in Clayton and Dingley are recognised as issues impacting the health and wellbeing of residents and the environment. EPA Victoria is working to address these issues.

To address odour pollution and dust in the area, EPA Victoria continues to:

  • inspect sites and work with operators to ensure issues causing off-site odours and dust are fixed
  • use its statutory powers under the Environment Protection Act 1970 to ensure operators comply with their operating requirements.

To further understand residents’ concerns on the issue, EPA Victoria has held public meetings, including several in 2011. A forum was also held in April 2012. For further information about this forum and upcoming meetings, follow the link to the Clayton and Dingley Waste Forum section of this website.

What fines has EPA Victoria issued in relation to odour pollution and dust?

A total of 11 notices relating to odour pollution have been issued by EPA Victoria in Clayton South, Clarinda and Dingley Village since November 2010. In addition, penalty infringement notices with approximately $6000 in penalties have also been issued to landfill operators due to offensive odours sourced from their sites being found in residential areas. Landfill operators who received notices included Transpacific Waste Management Pty Ltd (Victory Road Green Waste Transfer Station), Ernest Smith Contractors Pty Ltd (Din San) and Enviromix Pty Ltd.

For further information on EPA Victoria’s actions and how you can help, visit EPA Victoria’s dedicated Clayton South, Clarinda and Dingley Village odours webpage

Information about EPA Victoria’s role in regulating waste and landfill operators, access EPA Victoria’s Waste fact sheet.