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Air Quality

Air quality is important to the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.

Information about air quality and types of pollution impacting air quality can be found on EPA Victoria’s air quality webpage.

Offensive Odour

Odour (or smell) occurs when chemical compounds in gas form stimulate the nose. Different individuals can experience odour differently depending on the general life, health and wellbeing of an individual.

Offensive odours are those that impact the general life, health and wellbeing of an individual. This occurs as a result of the intensity, character, frequency and duration of the odour.

Odour Industry licences issued by EPA Victoria require that:

“Odours offensive to the senses of human beings must not be discharged beyond the boundaries of the premises”. This includes the boundaries of landfill sites.

EPA Victoria can take action on offensive odour. An environmental protection officer from EPA Victoria who is accredited to assess odour and take statements must verify and source the offensive odour.

If you experience offensive odour, you can report it to EPA Victoria. It is essential this be done immediately after detecting the odour. The quicker you report the offensive odour, the easier it is for EPA Victoria to verify the source and act.

For further information about offensive odours, see EPA Victoria’s Odour fact sheet